10 Shoe Hacks That You Can Thank Us Later For

1. You can buff away stains on your suede shoes with just a nail file!
shoe hacks

Image: Susie Styles

2. By wrapping your third and fourth toe on both feet, you’ll never have to feel the pain of blisters again.
Woman tapes toes`

Image: Tanglewood Foot Specialists

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3. Windex works wonders on leather shoes.
shoe hacks

Image: YouTube / Kate Color

4. FINALLY! An explanation for shoelace problems.
shoe hacks

Image: The Meta Picture

5. You can expand your shoes by putting it in a Ziploc bag with some water and freeze it.
shoe hacks

Image: Better Remade

6. Take matters into your own hands and keep your toes warm with your very own wool liner inserts.
shoe hacks

Image: Instructables / sunshiine

7. Insert a pool noodle into your boots so they don’t lose their shape.

8. You can remove virtually any scuff with nail polish remover.
shoe hacks

Image: Video Screenshot

9. You can always customize your shoes to match your personality!
shoe hacks

Image: Something Turquoise

10. As bizarre as it sounds, deodorant on your feet isn’t such a bad idea.
shoe hacks

Image: Flickr / How can I recycle this

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