The Reason Why A 10-Year-Old Girl Wants To Put This Label On All Handicapped Restrooms Is Just Awesome!

Grace Warnock took it upon herself to design bathroom signs for people with invisible conditions. According to Invisible Illness Week, more than 130 million in the United States suffer from a chronic illness, one that cannot be seen by the naked eye.

Some invisible illnesses or disabilities that you cannot see at first in people include: Diabetes, Lupus,Heart disease, Cancer, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Living with Crohn’s disease herself, little Grace knows first-hand what it feels to be living with an invisible illness. Her Crohn’s disease is “an inflammatory bowel disease you can’t see from the outside.” Because of this, she is given rude stares whenever she decides to use a handicapped restroom during her frequent “bathroom stops.”

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This is why Grace took it upon herself to stop the injustices, and what better way than to redesign the bathroom symbol?

This was her original sketch:

Graces sign for handicapped

Image: Facebook/Grace’s Sign

Later on, she perfected her little masterpiece design:

Graces sign for handicapped

Image: The Mighty

Video: The Mighty Site