“My mom is already dead, and I am the only survivor.”

Anthony Sukto, the boy recorded in the tragic 911 call ten years ago, tells Inside Edition that he forgives his father for the attack.
10 years ago, when Sukto was just eight years old, his father went into a psychotic rage and killed his mother right in front of him. He was also stabbed many times and still has all the scars to show it.

He tells Inside Edition,

“I survived the unthinkable. In total I got stabbed about eight times.”

Miraculously, he survived. In an interview as a child he says,“The angels lifted me up to the phone.”

Sukto is now a student at the University of Denver, has just celebrated his 19th birthday. In the clip we can see one of the officers who was able to rescue him bring him a brithday cake. May God bless this strong soul and may his story touch the hearts of many!

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Article/Video: Insideedition