13 Year Old Dies From Tampons

Image: Manchester Evening News

13 Year Old Dies From Toxic Shock Syndrome From Tampons And Improper Diagnosis

13-year-old Jemma-Louise Roberts began feeling sick while on a family vacation in Wales. The doctors there then diagnosed her with the Norovirus, however, this diagnosis was incorrect. Her illness was in fact not the common vomiting virus, but TSS. Jemma-Louise, a swimmer, had just started to use tampons because they allowed to train in the water while on her period.

When taken to a hospital near her home in Wigan, blood tests showed that she had evidence of staphylococcus bacteria, linked to TSS and sepsis. Sepsis is a rare bacterial infection linked to using tampons.  According to Manchester Evening News, Jemma-Louise died of a brain bleed while on a heart and lung machine on March 2014; a week later from her proper diagnosis.

It is important to teach your daughters about the correct usage and risks of using tampons. This informative video with three girls touch base on what the symptoms are and the risks.

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Article: Manchester Evening News
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