Many images to make your feelings go up and down the human spectrum of emotion. Become aware of your surroundings and give God the glory!

May our eyes never be blinded by today’s lies. Thank you Lord for keeping our eyes open and vigilant as to what goes on in the world around us. We know that wars are not ours to be fought, indeed they are yours to win. May your love forever be exalted above anything else, and we pray people around the world feel your warmth and love.

Warning: Some Images Are Graphic

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1. A mother and her daughter survive an acid attack from the father.


2. A soldier saddened in knowing many young lives would be lost.


3. Little girl survives 11 days alone in the Siberian Forrest.


4. Yezidi girl is ready to protect her family from Isis attacks with an AK-47.


5. Palestinian girl rallies with Islamic Jihad militants. She is carrying around a Kalashnikov rifle.


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