Officials Find Missing Girl, The Mystery Behind Her Discovery Is A Mind-Boggling One

According to CBS News, 16-year-old Fauna Jackson stepped away from her group of fellow volunteers at the Grand Teton National Park to use the bathroom and never returned. The teen was said to be working on a trail project with Groundwork USA, an organization dedicated to civic and environmental causes.

The good news is that she was found, but the circumstance of her discovery is raising questions.

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Here she is seen the day before her disappearance:

girl suspicious discovery

Image: Fxunx

Jackson was discovered by Snake River Overlook, four miles away from where she originally went missing by officials. But something extremely unusual happened when officials finally found Jackson.

Law enforcement have said that Jackson had altered her appearance significantly at the time of the discovery. She had much shorter hair and it was dyed. She was also wearing a different outfit than the one she was last seen in. She also ‘fled’ from officials when they approached her.

Video: | 9 On Your Side