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Police Officer Helps Toddler Put Pants On Dial 911 Fashion

Image: Inside Edition/ Pebbles Ryan

2-year-old, Aaliyah Garrett, from South Carolina, has always been told that if she ever needed help or if there was an emergency to dial 9-1-1. So when Aaliyah found herself stuck, with both legs in one pants hole, she declared it an emergency and called the police. When the police arrived at the house, Aaliyah’s grandfather answered the door confused he wasn’t aware of any emergency- that was until Aaliyah came hopping up behind him, waving frantically at the officers trying to put her pants on.

After assessing the situation and realizing there was no actual emergency going on, one of the responding deputies, Deputy Martha Lohnes sat the struggling toddler down to help. “She jumped in my arms and wouldn’t let me go,” Deputy Lohnes told Inside Edition. “You have to put one leg in at a time,” she explained.

It tends to be fairly common for children to get on the phone and accidentally dial 911. Still, when a call comes in, it is their duty to respond with due diligence in each case.

Aaliyah’s mother, Pebbles Ryan explained, “[We] had taught Aaliyah how to dial 911, [though] she’s not sure that her toddler really understood the concept. I always told her to call when she needed help, but I didn’t know she’d take it to that extent! I came home to find out that the police had put her pants on for her and now she has a new friend for life.”

The entire office of the Greenville County Sheriff’s Department all got a bit of a laugh out of the entire situation, and Deputy Lohnes was praised for the way she handled everything. Lohnes said she completely understood,  she since looked up to police officers herself as a child.

Deputy Michael Douglas took the opportunity to compliment the kind officer, saying, “You can’t train that type of heart in someone. That is what we look for in new recruits” We would completely agree with that sentiment.

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Article: Yahoo

Video: Inside Edition