She Fell Out At A Red Light

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A driver in the city of Suzhou, in China’s, captured what could have been a horrific scene on Sunday when a toddler, who had made his way to the back of his grandpas van, suddenly fell from the trunk onto the busy highway. The frightened but uninjured young boy began running after the van as it continued going, not yet realizing what had happened. Witnesses of the incident quickly came to the boys rescue and waited until the grandparent arrived back to the scene grateful he was ok.

Yang Defu, the toddlers grandpa explained, “I was waiting at the red light. After passing the intersection, a car chased after me and kept sounding the horn. The driver told me a kid fell out of my van. I looked back, parked my van aside, and went back to search for my grandson.”

The grandfather said that he was rear ended a few days prior to the incident which caused the latch on the trunk of the vehicle to come loose.

The toddler escaped major injury, thanks to the quick actions of a few good samaritans that witnessed the event.

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Article: CBS Local

Video: CNN