These 20 benefits of coconut oil, will change your life for the better!

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I’m really excited about posting this article, because I am a recipient of the miraculous benefits of coconut oil. Unfortunately, I have many ailments, and quite frankly, I no longer wanted to be on any medications; so I decided a few months back that I was going to see if I too would benefit from its consumption.

So, since I have high blood pressure, I was on medication that actually lowered it to what is considered “normal”. Also, I would get hundreds of partial seizures daily, which are not at all like epileptic ones; but it’s just a sensation of electrical shocks through my brain—a feeling as though my brain would shut off and turn back on, every few seconds, throughout the day. Thus, I was on medication that lowered the episodes to about 5-10, daily.

Anyway, I started consuming 3 teaspoons of coconut daily . . . about every 8 hours or so. Since I have a lot of ailments, it was not uncommon, at that time, to have doctor’s appointments 3-5 times a month. I was seeing about 7 specialists at the time. So, I always had my blood pressure checked. I started noticing that it had lowered over 30 points what is considered the “norm”. I also started noticing that I was only getting a few seizures, daily. Less than the average on the medication. So, I decided to forgo my meds, and I want to say that my blood pressure is back to the “normal” reading and that I only get about 5 seizures, daily! Glory be to God! I know that He can make me whole with His spoken Word, but in the meantime, consuming of His creation, in the form of natural coconut oil, has brought a peace of mind to my soul.

Of course, I don’t know if everyone would have the same results as I have, thus far; but if it doesn’t benefit you, as it has me, it’ll certainly not harm you.

Oh, also . . . NOT all coconut oils taste the same. So, you will have to experiment, but my favorite thus far, is the yummy, Carrington Farms brand.

Anyway, here are the 20 benefits to this amazing, natural food:

1.   Remember the Details
2.   Possible Cancer Killer
3.   May Prevent Osteoporosis
4.   Natural Moisturizer
5.   Decreases Your Appetite
6.   Stops Seizures
7.   Rejuvenates Hair
8.   Combats Viruses
9.   Balances Blood Sugar
10. Balances Hormones
11.  Kills Bacteria
12. Whitens Teeth and Reduces Gum Disease
13. Prevents Yeast Infections
14. Burns Fat and Builds Muscle
15. Lowers Blood Pressure
16. Slows Down the Aging Process
17. Reduces Symptoms of Crohn’s Disease and IBS
18. Lip Balm
19. Energy Booster
20. Lose Weight

I pray that you all gain some benefits from coconut oil! Please pass it on to your loved ones, as well.

Article: MyFirstClassLife