A youth group that was meeting together in Turkey’s city of Suruc turned into a nightmare today when an alleged Suicide Bomber decided to detonate a bomb.  With 28 young adults killed and almost 100 injured, we can’t imagine why anyone would do something so horrific.  It is heartbreaking to see so much unnecessary violence.

The youths were staying at the Amara Cultural Center in Suruc to assist in the rebuilding of the Syrian town of Kobani which is located just across the border.  The youths along with most of the people in the area thought that Kobani was safe to rebuild after it was ravaged by fighting by ISIS.

They were just trying to help…

Since Syria’s crisis began in March of 2011, the UN has reported that over 220,000 people have been killed and at least 1 million have been injured.  It is obvious that today, we need the Lord more than ever!

Only through God can the world be saved and peace shall reign!

Source: Fox News

“Holy Lord,

Today we need you more than ever!  We need your power and love to deliver us from the evil that plagues our land!  We need you to help save our young people!  We need you stop the fighting so that peace may reign across the land!  But most of all, we need to feel your PRESENCE flow through us so that we may take a stand against those who seek our lives just because of our faith!  Save us lord and be with the families of those who were involved in the UNNECESSARY bloodshed in surac!