Why We’ll Never Forget

14 years ago, our country was rocked with devastation as we were attacked by terrorists. This event made everyone in the country feel a huge sense of mortality as lives lost by the thousands. This day we vowed that lives both lost and sacrificed, would never be forgotten. The following pictures are 30 reasons why we should never forget that painful day in our history!

1. The initial devastation was heartbreaking and shocking!


Image Provided By: NEWS

2. The second plane right before it hit the second tower!


Image Provided By: NEWS

3. The after the planes crashed!


Image Provided By: NEWS

4. Right before the plane hit the South Tower!


Image Provided By: NEWS

5. The impact of the plane into one of the towers!


Image Provided By: NEWS

6. People jumped off of the roof instead of waiting to die from the smoke and the fire.


Image Provided By: NEWS

7. The debris from the planes scattered for blocks!


Image Provided By: NEWS

8. Like many others, this man was never identified.


Image Provided By: NEWS

9. Emergency responders rushed up the stairs past the office workers who were being evacuated!


Image Provided By: NEWS

10. The South Tower was the first to fall even though it was the second hit!


Image Provided By: AP

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