39 Inmates At A County Jail Have Seen The Light!

Men that are facing charges of rape, murder, assault with a deadly weapon, and other crimes have just been set on the path to spiritual recovery.
39 inmates went underwater one by one, their spirits became purified. Just like many men were baptized in Jesus’ time, they too are now on the road to straightening up their lives.

June 26th, 2016, marked the first ceremony in which inmates at the Durham County (North Carolina) jail were fully immersed in water as part of a baptism process.

Prior to this, Sheriff Mike Andrews had only been allowing for people to be baptized by simply being sprinkled with water. One request by the inmates set in motion the ceremonial process. The inmate, Reginald Minor, has been detained at the jail since last year October on assault among other charges.

It took Minor several months to plan the ceremony.

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“It’s my faith,” Minor said. “I’m a Christian. Like all Christians, we believe Jesus is the way.”

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