kid-vape-pen5 Major Signs Your Kid Is Vaping Listed Below 

A recent study from Yale shows that “vaping” is on the rise amongst teens. Vaping might be hard to notice since there is no Cigarette smoke or smell of it. These vape-pens may look like a James Bond-style pen. These e-cigarettes deliver nicotine through heated vapor.

The study states that one in four high school students have already tried e-cigarettes. Through a survey given to two middle schools they found that 3.5 percent of these kids have also tried e-cigarettes and many more said that they would consider it.
The associate director in the division of pulmonology at Stamford Hospital in Connecticut, Michael Bernstein, MD states,

“Kids are less scared of trying vaping: one report states that less than one quarter thought they’d ever try conventional cigarettes, but close to half said they might try vaping.”

The problem is that teens think the e-cigs are safer than regular cigarettes since they were designed to help adults to stop smoking. And while most experts agree that e-cigs are safer than conventional cigarettes that does NOT mean that they are safe.
So instead of also delivering “thousands of toxic and cancer-causing chemicals into the body, including tobacco and carbon monoxide” the e-cigs contain mostly “nicotine, which can also wreak havoc with the cardiovascular system and lead to hypertension and heart attacks.”
Nicotine is an addicting substance and can work as a “gateway” drug to smoking regular cigarettes.
Since the e-cigarettes industry is still fairly new it is largely unregulated compared to traditional tobacco products. And although 20 states have already banned the sale of e-cigarettes to minors the rest still allow it. Children can also go online and buy with impunity.

HERE Are 5 Signs Your Kid Is Vaping

1. A sudden STRONG WIFF of candy or mints when there are NONE around.

candy“The scent – “E-cig vapor can have no odor at all, which is part of the appeal,” says Laura Offutt, MD, founder of the teen health website Real Talk With Dr. Offutt. That said, the vapor can be flavored, so if you suddenly catch a whiff of fruit punch, bubble gum or mint – and you can find no juice containers, gum or candy wrappers – that could be a red flag.” Says the Stir.

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