The Police Couldn’t Get Her Out But This Batman Did!

A one-year-old baby girl, Iris Adamski, was trapped in a scorching car was dramatically rescued by a five-year-old superhero dressed as Batman yesterday.

Police were having difficulty and were unable to free the child from the car at a Tesco car park in Uckfield, East Sussex. That’s when Zavi Ahmed came to the rescue.

Despite having smashed the rear window, officers could not fit inside to open the doors or fetch the keys. Zavi wandered over with his mother Emma and offered to help free Iris.


Zavi had begged his mother to allow him to dress up as his favorite superhero that morning, which turned out to be a very fitting outfit.

Ms Ahmed said: ‘That morning he decided he wanted to be dressed as Batman, I don’t know why. My friend said he could go to Tesco and be a superhero and that’s just what happened.We couldn’t believe it. Of all the days for him to dress up and that happens. This morning he said “I’ve got to dress up as Batman again because I am a superhero”.’

Mrs Penny, a retired nurse from Franfield, was babysitting Iris while her parents Eloise and Luke Adamski were at work.

She said: ‘I had just put the pram away when the door locked. I don’t know what happened but we couldn’t get her out.

Source: Daily Mail