People of All Ages, Were Asked the Same Question, but Their Responses Were Very Different!

Have you ever asked yourself the aforementioned question? I have. I always think that if I could go back in time, that I’d want to be 27 years of age. Quite frankly, I don’t know all the reasons why; but when one is youthful, one has much more energy and is much more joyful . . . it seems. Yet, I find that I’m growing more and more to be accepting of my age. I’m growing as a woman, in so many ways.

So, the Jubilee Project set out to ask 50 people of all ages, the same question, that I just posed to you. What do you suppose were their responses? Well, if you think that they differed, you are correct; but do you know why they are so very different?

What I ultimately embraced as a viewer, is that once we reach a certain age, that we become more accepting of the aging process. Yes, we change externally, and that of course, is a given. My soul has always felt youthful, however, despite my external changes; but along with that ageless soul, also comes wisdom, contentment and self-approval. Life is truly a beautiful gift, that we need to learn to embrace!

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Video: Jubilee Project