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When it comes to photography and babies, the two don’t always seem to mix. Mainly that is because it can be very hard to get your baby to pose correctly when you want them to. Professional baby photographer, Anne Geddes,’ has been photographing babies for over 30 years, and has a lot of experience getting the perfect shot, here are some of Anne’s favorite tips to getting the best results.

Best Baby Image Photography Tips Anne Geddes

Image: Anne Geddes

“1. Joyful and spontaneous moments always result in the best images so keep your camera handy at all times.

2. The more familiar your baby is with having a camera around, the more relaxed they will be and not be tempted to pose.

3. Get down to your baby’s level and see the world from their point of view – it’s fascinating.

4. Zoom in nice and close to capture all those lovely little baby features, the chubby arms, little feet, their beautiful faces of course, oh and that lovely little bit on the back of their neck.

5. Try to include yourself in photos with your baby because when they are adults they’ll be interested in how you looked way back when you were younger (and they’ll love to mock you for it!)

6. Turn off the flash: full on flash is very unflattering. Don’t ask your baby to pose. Be mindful of what’s going on in the background. Keep it simple and don’t try to copy my work at home because it’s far more complicated than it looks!”

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Article: Yahoo Lifestyle