6th Grade Muslim Girl Is Attacked By Peers For Being A “Terrorist”

Image: anon hq

Image: anon hq

A Muslim girl in the 6th grade has been recently attacked by her school mates at a New York middle school for wearing religious clothing. Her school mates suspected that she was a ‘terrorist’ and decided to take action into their own hands. She was attacked by 3 male students who called her names like “ISIS”, “Terrorist” and other offensive slurs.

Witnesses say that the boys put her in a headlock while punching her. They also attempted to take off her hijab – the headpiece that Muslims often wear religiously.

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The police was called in, but they never actually did anything, not even attempted to write a police report. True, considering the age of the kids, it is understandable that the kids went about without being arrested. Still, there have been many stories circling the news in which police arrest children for crimes far less offensive than beating up a 6th grade girl.

All the boys are facing a disciplinary meeting at their school. They have given an extension for such meeting to arrange for lawyers.

Unfortunately young Muslims have been experiencing this for quite some time, Since August of last year… we’ve seen a cycle of Islamophobia that’s had a much more violent tinge to it than we’ve seen in many, many years. I would’ve argued that it was calming down until Paris followed by San Bernardino,”  – Corey Saylor, spokesperson for the Council on American-Islamic Relations tells Yahoo News.

He went on to say: “There is no burning bush solution… but for us, the problem that we’re trying to solve is that most Americans were introduced to Islam on 9/11 watching airplanes fly into buildings. If you’re subject to this steady diet of negative, and you’re getting it at home, we as a community have to figure out a way to overcome that. I would argue that the school could make this is an opportunity for inclusiveness, making sure all the students are treated as Americans,”

The most troubling part of this story is the fact that its the children that had to get involved in grown-up matters. These kids are obviously being taught to hate certain types of people. They are most likely adopting the views of the adults in their lives, views that are being fed lies by the political class and the mainstream media.

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