Bet You Didn’t Know Some Of These!

We hope these tips will truly help you out on Facebook!

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1.Using A “One-Time Password”

If you are going to be logging into a public computer for Facebook you can text “otp” to 32665 for a temporary password that only works for the next 20 min. In order to have this option, your cell phone number must be listed in your settings on facebook.



2. Add Fun Filters and Stickers To Photos

A new feature is shown once you upload your photos from your roll. Click on the wand icon on the bottom left of the photo you just uploaded to include filters or fun stickers!


3. “Turn Off Notifications From Posts”

So you have just congratulated someone on your friendslist on their proposal photo, yet you keep getting notifications from other people. If you are on mobile, you can easily click on the top right downward facing arrow for a drop menu. Click on “Unfollow.” You won’t be receiving any more notifications from this one post. If you are on desktop click “Turn Off Notifications” in the post.

4. “Unfollowing Friends Without Unfriending”

Do love the person but not their posts? You can stop seeing their posts in your feed without unfriending them by going to their profile and clicking unfollow.


5. “Keeping Updated Relationship Statuses Secret”

To announce engagements, marriages, and new relationships on Facebook is fun but breakups? Not so much. In case you don’t want you breakup to go public once you change your status, you can do this. Go to your profile, click on the “about” section, then click “family and relationships” on the left. Under the relationship status, you will see a gray or blue icon that probably says “friends” or public. Switch that to “only me.”
Now, when you go to change your relationship status, your new status will not be posted to your feed.


6. Need Help Spelling Your Name If It Is In Another Language?

If you need a pronunciation guide, you can click on the “about” section of your profile and click “details about you” and then “more about you” (if you are on mobile) and click “name pronunciation.” Facebook will offer you suggestions for your first and last name that you can listen to before selecting.


7. Do a Security Check

In a recently new addition to Facebook you can use a new tool called “privacy checkup.” (Which has a cute dinosaur) 🙂
This is a guide provides a checklist that aims in making your account more secure. It includes logging out of Facebook on Web browsers and apps that you are not currently using. It also is able to track any other devices that are not familiar as well as browsers. (Please Note: That this is only available on desktop for now)