7 Ways You Keep Ruining Bath Towels

How you ruin bath towels

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Bath towels are one of your essential tools you use to get you through the day, there is no doubt about that! But are you just tossing them aside once you use them and never think about them until next time you use them? If you double check your routine, you can help your towels last longer and stay cleaner.

1. You hang your towels on hooks.
By using hooks to hang dry towels in between uses, you’re allowing moisture and debris to get trapped among the layers. Avoid giving bacteria and mold a home and use a towel bar!

2. You are not washing them often enough.

Towels will get stinky, and germy very quickly. Wash them after every third use.

3. You use the same one too often!

It’s a smart thing to have several sets of towels available for use in rotation. This way, each set will be used about every other week.
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4. You are using way too much detergent when washing your towels.

We know you want your towels becoming soft as a cotton ball, but let us be real here, it is just a waste of product. Towels are meant to be absorbent, not cotton balls. Excess detergent will only feed the bacteria.

How you ruin bath towels

Image: Pinterest

5. You are not washing them at the right temperature.

Check the care tag on your towels and wash them in the hottest temperature that you can. This is how you kill the germs!

6. You are not shaking them before they go into the dryer.

Shake your towels before you toss them in the dryer, that is, if you want them fluffy.

7. You are putting too much fabric softener.

If you put too much fabric softener, you will inhibit your towel’s ability to absorb.

Article: Woman’s Day