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Twins Successfully Separated Surgery Conjoined Babies Sister

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At only 8 days old, Lydia and Maya were the youngest conjoined twins to ever be operated on, and survive the surgery to separate them. The sisters, were joined at the chest, and both shared the same liver- needless to say, the stakes for the surgery were very high. It was literally going to be a matter of life and death for the newborns, but this time, it was two lives that hung in the balance.

In Switzerland, Head of Surgery for Geneva University Hospital, Barbara Wildhaber told Le Matin Dimanche, that this surgery was unlike any ever attempted. “Doctors had initially planned to separate the girls after a few months but a week after their birth, their conditions began to deteriorate. We were prepared for the death of both babies, it was so extreme.”

Twins Separated Conjoined Surgery Successful Doctor Surgeon Miracle Youngest Babies Newborn

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Prior to this time, there were no separation surgeries performed this early that had been successful. Yet, despite the risks they faced throughout the tricky operation, and to both surgeons and family’s relief, the surgery went as planned. The sisters became the youngest case ever of successful separation surgery for conjoined twins.

“It was magnificent,” Wildhaber said. “I will remember it my entire career.”

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