8-Year-Old Girl With Brain Cancer Uses Her “Make-A-Wish” To Clean A Local Park

In Kansas City Missouri, an 8-year-old named Amelia Meyer, is inspiring a community to action, after receiving a chance to wish for anything through the “Make-A-Wish” foundation; and she decided all she wanted, was to help pick up trash at a local park. Her selfless wish inspired hundreds of other volunteers to get involved and help.

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When asked why she chose to help clean the local park, Amelia said, “It doesn’t look nice and another reason is because it can stay dirty and it can get animals sick.”  Amelia’s mother Jill Meyer said she isn’t entirely surprised at her strange request saying, “She’s always been that kid I cannot get inside.”

According to WTVR 6 News reports, “with the help of Helzberg Diamonds, The Kansas City Missouri Parks and Recreation Department, the Kansas City Fire Department, the Kansas City Police Department, and hundreds of volunteers, Amelia had plenty of help cleaning the local park.”

Amelia even ended up inspiring the Kansas City community so much, the Mayor, Sly James “named February 27, 2016 “Amelia Meyer’s Take Care Of The World Day.” It even lead a social media movement across the world, as people picked up trash in their hometowns in honor of Amelia. People joined in by tagging posts and photos with #AmeliasWish.”


Article: WTVR 6 News