A 9-Year-Old “Guardian Angel” Saves An Abandoned Baby

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baby found

Image: Regina Waldroup

A 9-year-old Elysia Laub was playing by a creek in her backyard when she suddenly heard a faint noise. When she went to go inspect, she found a pair of pink legs that were kicking in the grass. At first, Elysia thought the pigs had finally given birth to piglets, or that a mechanical doll was dropped there.

She ran in the house to get her mother, Heidi.

“As soon as I saw the pink arms and legs, I dropped the phone and took off running,” said Heidi.

“She was not covered up,” said Heidi. “I just saw a towel and like a black sheet of some sort, and I just scooped the whole thing up, ran to the house with her, wrapped her in a new blanket, and then that’s when I realized that the placenta was still attached.”

The baby was burnt from being exposed to the sun for several hours, but aside from that, it was said that she was in good healthy condition. Heidi knows that her daughter was sent there as a ‘guardian angel’ to rescue that miracle baby.

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Video: Belux