Rudy The Pit Bull Lounges In The Sink, He Was Severely Abused Before Being Rescued

Image: S.N.A.R.R Animal Rescue Northeast

Image: S.N.A.R.R Animal Rescue Northeast

When the SNARR Northeast found this pit bull named Rudy, he was in an extremely bad shape. He was found emaciated, unable to walk, and covered in gaping wounds and holes down to his tendons. After tending to the wounds, he was transferred to a medical foster home where he would be restored back to full health.

“Other than being completely terrified and unsure of a kind human hand, Rudy was grateful and nothing but a lovebug from the minute we rescued him,”

This video was taken before he passed away last year. He was a strong little guy but expired due to his spinal condition. In this moment, he is living the life he was denied by his abusers.

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