It Has Been Discovered That A Jeep’s Recalled Gear Shifter Is Responsible For Actor’s Death

Details were released today about the tragic death of Anton Yelchin after the Star Trek actor was found pinned between his car and a mailbox. Yelchin’s car was a Jeep Grand Cherokee, one that may have been among the 1.1 million cars that were recalled back in April. Those recalled cars were said to have a confusing shifter that led many of its owners to leave their cars in neutral instead of ‘park’.

Recalled jeep kills actor

Image: Jalopnik

It was later confirmed that Yelchin’s Jeep belonged to the 1.1 million that were equipped with ZF’s eight-speed automatic transmission.
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When using the mushroom-shaped gear shifter, a driver would press and holds the button and push the shifter all the way up to set the car in its park position. After, the shifter centers itself again it’s hard to tell  which gear your car is in with the Jeep’s shifter design. Some drivers were leaving their cars in neutral before exiting the car.

Article: CBS