Grab a tissue box this amazing woman’s testimony will bring you to tears. n’s brave woman’s incredible testimony will have you believing in miracles in less than four minutes.

For over 30-years she had stayed in an abusive relationship. Her husband was an alcoholic and turned into a different person every time he drank. After one particularly bad fight, she decided she’d had enough. She took off in her car and just drove. When she found an empty parking lot she broke down in tears and called out to God. She asked Him what she should do next and just a few minutes later she found her answer.

Something told her to talk to a strange man in the parking lot and that changed everything.
The man called the police and patiently escorted the woman to a nearby police station. Before the man left her in good hands he gave her his card and informed her that if she ever needed a place to feel at home, his church would welcome her with open arms.

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