‘I felt like screaming the whole time’

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A Christian 10-year-old girl, named Vendela Payne, was stopped at security at a North Carolina airport because she had accidentally left a Capri Sun in her carry on when she went through security. The family was traveling from Raleigh-Durham International Airport to San Diego on December 30, just after spending Christmas with family.

They pulled her aside after the juice was found in her luggage and her father, Kevin Payne, said he and his daughter felt the security check was excessive, uncomfortable and inappropriate. The patdown took 2 full minutes, and there was inexplicable groping over areas that a child should never be touched by a stranger.

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The airport then issued this statement:
‘Since pat-down screening is conducted to determine whether prohibited items are concealed under clothing, sufficient pressure must be applied in order to ensure detection,’

Article: Daily Mail
Video: ap psc