They Nearly Disfigure Teen’s Face In Front Of Her Mother

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Cancer patient slammed

Image: Metro

Hannah Cohen was traveling with her family to their hometown of Chattanooga, Tennessee. The Cohen family was super happy for Hannah since she had just received her last cancer treatment for her tumor. Hannah is partially deaf, paralyzed, and blind in one eye. But that didn’t stop airport security from nearly disfiguring her face at the airport.

After she set off the alarm during the screening security began searching her. Having her disability the commotion confused her. In which the TSA responded by repeatedly throwing her to the ground.

Disabled cancer patient ‘bloodied and bruised by airport security staff’

Image: Metro

Her mom wasn’t able to be near her to calm her down since she was being restrained by security. All she could do was scream and yell as they kept slamming her daughter onto the floor.

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Article: Metro
Video: Media24