This Holiday. Christmas Season!

A letter sent to the New Hampshire School District Superintendant by the Alliance Defending Freedom outlining the legality of the use of the word “Christmas” in department literature. The controversy comes after a district superintendent  called for censorship of the word on a privately produced flier that informed the community of a “Christmas tree” lighting event. On the flier the words “Christmas Tree” was told needed to be replaced by the words “Holiday Trees”John Fletcher, the commander of the local American Legion post, sender of the flier protested by distributing the fliers with white-out covering the word “Christmas” instead of using “holiday” as a substitute word.

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Alliance Defending Freedom Lawsuit Christmas Tree

In the letter sent by the ADF it mentions, “Calling Christmas trees what they are is not unconstitutional.” “But it is unconstitutional to censor private speech simply because it is religious in nature.” “We are asking the district to amend its policies so that they no longer restrict religious expression in an unconstitutional manner,” said Tedesco. “Failure to do so is not only antithetical to our nation’s principles, but it also exposes the district to potential liability under federal law.”

Article: Charisma News