Ancient Gravestones Uncovered In Galilee Prove Long History Of Jews In Israel

A joint investigation in Northern Israel led by researchers from the Kinneret Institute for Galilean Archaeology, along with the Israel Antiquities Authority has uncovered hard evidence that further proves the long history of settlement, of the Jewish people in Israel. The archeological dig has unearthed three 1700-year-old gravestones bearing inscriptions, written in both Aramaic and Greek, that refer to the individuals as “Rabbis.” The discovery adds just one more layer of evidence to the disputed history of the early Jews rights of claim, to the land of Israel.

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Ancient Inscriptions Uncovered Galilee Prove Jewish History Israel

Image: UnitedWithIsrael

From the inscriptions found on the gravestones, researchers have been able to decipher the name “Jose,” which was a common name for Jews during the period. Dr. Motti Aviam, of the Kinneret Institute explains, “in the second Aramaic epitaph, the word le-olam which means “forever” appears for the first time in an inscription found at Zippori.”

According to the report by united with Israel, “Zippori was the first capital of Galilee from the time of the Hasmonean dynasty until the first century.” Another surprising element of the find is that one of the deceased was referred to “The Tiberian,” which marks the second case of someone from the Ancient city of Tiberias being buried in the cemetery.

Ancient Inscription Discovered Archeologists Israel Prove Long Jewish History

Image: BreakingChristianNews

So far there has been a total of 17 inscriptions found among the Zippori Gravestones at the site. The team is excited to continue further excavations at the site, hoping that this discovery may be just the beginning of further evidence linking the long history of the Jewish people to their homeland of Israel.

Article: UnitedWithIsrael