What The Ancients Knew

As the research of ancient Romans living in Pompeii has revealed, the dental hygiene of people living in those times was quite remarkable- despite the fact that they never used toothbrushes or toothpaste. CAT scans taken on 30 ancient inhabitants, preserved in the hardened volcanic ash of the Mount Vesuvius eruption in AD 79 revealed, there was no need for dentists because of this one dietary practice.

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Image: qz.com

The ancients can thank very low levels of sugar in their diets, for their reduced need for dental services. According to the Telegraph, their diets were surprisingly “balanced and healthy, similar to what we [would] now call the Mediterranean diet.”

Living largely off of fruits and vegetables, low levels of sugar made it possible to forgo brushing. Orthodontist Elisa Vanacore, who oversaw the study of the teeth of the inhabitants, noted that living near the volcano would have offered the citizens’ added benefits to their dental health because of the high levels of fluorine in the air and water.

In total, the study plans to look at and analyze approximately 86 plaster casts, looking into everything from the age, sex, diet, diseases and social classes of the preserved Pompeii citizens.

Article: qz.com