Anonymous Donor Does The Unthinkable

Anonymous Donor Check Salvation Army

Salvation Army Volunteers

Situated in front of a grocery store in Rosemount Minnesota, the Salvation Army’s bell ringing volunteers are hard at work again this time of the year. When counting up the collections at the end of the day however they never expected to find what they found. An anonymous passerby on the street inadvertently slipped a check to the organization inside their kettle to the sum of $500,000!

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Recalling the event to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, Maj Jeff Strickler, the Salvation Army’s commander for the Twin Cities mentions,“We were simply stunned and honored to have received such a generous gift. This is a true blessing and it could not come at a better time for the Salvation Army and the people we serve,” He explained that this was the biggest single kettle donation ever deposited in a Salvation Army kettle in the Twin Cities, setting a national record.

According to the charity, the previous Twin Cities record for a single kettle donation was $25,000. On a typical day, Salvation Army volunteers generally receive donations that average around $30 an hour.

Article: Star Tribune