The Incredible Transformation Rehab Of An Anorexic Woman

Rachael Farrokh once weighed just 40 pounds, that is about the same weight as a toddler! Things got so out of hand that her husband had to quit his job in order to care for her full time.


Image: Bintang

The 37-year-old actress reached out for help to the public when she came dangerously close to dying.

The cry for help received an amazing reaction from strangers trying to help.


Image: Bintang


A fundraiser brought in almost $200,000 to take care of her medical needs. And now she is on the road to recovery. This is what she now looks like:


Image: Bintang

Recovery video and after video Below


Image: Bintang

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Video:Rachael’s Road to Recovery

After Video

Video: NBC