A Great Cleaning Solution For Dogs Who Get Ear Infections

Ear infections or any type of earache can be extremely excruciating!  Well, as adults, we tend to either find a homeopathic cure or drive ourselves to a Dr’s. office for an immediate cure.
Well, our pets, who are like family to us, cannot communicate their pains, but they can definitely express their discomfort when they are no longer attentive or seem to be indifferent to our presence.

So, according to a veterinarian, a 50-50 solution of apple cider vinegar with water or direct hydrogen peroxide, will do the trick.  Pour it directly onto your family’s pet’s ear and rub around, inserting a cotton swab in order to remove the excess gunk.  Continue to do it a few times, until the swab comes out fairly clean.

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Video: PershingPrepper