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Archeologists Discovery Ancient Biblical Marble Inscription

Image: Times Of Israel

In a recent discovery just in time for Christmas, an ancient Hebrew inscription has been found that attests to the authenticity of Jewish roots, at an early Christian site. The stone inscription was found at Kursi, which is on the eastern Galilean coast in the Golan Heights. The find is a marble slab containing 7 written lines in both Aramaic and Hebrew. The text, which is carved into a large slab of imported Greek marble, includes the words: “marmaria,” “amen,” “the holy king” and “the merciful,” researchers said. Head archeologist of the site named Haim Cohen, while working at the site exclaimed, “There has been nothing like this before.”

The discovery provides conclusive evidence that the Roman and Byzantine-era town mentioned in 2 of the New Testament Gospels as well as the Talmud, had indeed existed, and at the time was ethnically Jewish.
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Marble Slab Inscription

Image: University of Haifa

Along with the major discovery of the inscribed marble slab, digs earlier this month at the site yielded the discovery of an entire village complete with a large public building — possibly a synagogue — and an enormous inner harbor for large ships.

Cohen was reluctant to reveal much about the inscription on the slab until experts had a chance to study the text more thoroughly. He did suggest, however, that “marmaria” could refer either to a type of marble, or — more intriguingly — “the rabbi of Mary.” Dates for the slab are estimated to be from around the 4th or 5th centuries CE, however the village likely predates it by centuries.

The story where the town is mentioned can be found in the gospels of Mark and Luke, and describes a man that was possessed by a multitude of demons. When Jesus came upon the man, the demons begged that the Son of God not to send them into the abyss before the appointed time, but rather to send them into a herd of pigs that were feeding nearby. Jesus obliged the demons, allowing them to possess the swine, but immediately the pigs ran down to the sea below in an apparent act of suicide. The biblical version of the story can be readhere.

Article: Times Of Israel