Glendale, AZ – Two teenagers have taken gunshot wounds at a high school in Glendale Arizona according to police.

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Police have confirmed that two students have been shot on the grounds of Independence High School this morning and police are currently investigating the incident. The is currently no “active shooter” alert but everyone is recommended to be on alert.

The Glendale police have confirmed that two students were shot and sources close to ABC15 informed the news station that one of them has died (although the police have not confirmed this publicly). The current condition of the other student is unknown.

The school remains on lockdown.

Once again, we ask for prayers for this tragic time:

Holy Lord,

We come to you with broken hearts and ask that you be with everyone who is involved in this tragic incident. We ask that you bring comfort to the students of both the school and the surrounding areas as we can only imagine the intense fear that is piercing their hearts. We ask that you lay a hedge of protection and clarity over the officers and emergency responders who need to assess the scene and help victims. May your grace and mercy guide their hands during this delicate situation. Finally Lord, we ask that you bring peace to everyone in our nation as we all ask the question, “why?” 

In Christ’s name we pray,


Article/Video: ABC