Arsonist’s Plan To Burn Down A Business Backfires – A Hilarious Thing You Have To See!

Arsonist backfire

Image: Video Screenshot

An arsonist’s plot to burn down a barbershop in Madisonville, Kentucky, backfired drastically. Camera footage captured two arsonists pulling up in a white minivan to a barbershop. A woman is seen shattering a window at the back of the barbershop while a man emerges from the minivan with a lit Molotov cocktail.

The man tosses the flaming bottle through the broken window and goes to grab a second. As the man chucks the second Molotov, he misses and the liquid splashes onto him, catching him on fire. In a hilarious scene of events, you can see that the man kicks off his burning sock as he makes his way back to the van.

Madisonville police released the video hoping someone would be able to identify the suspects.

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Video: ABC 30