Attending Church May Be The Untapped Fountain Of Youth For Women And Medicine

According to a new study published by an online journal publication called, JAMA Internal Medicine, women who frequently attend religious services are found to be at a lower risk of almost all diseases across the board, including, cardiovascular disease and various cancers. The co-authors of the study initially examined the effect that religious service attendance had on death in women and found that:

“women who attended religious services more than once per week had a 33 percent lower risk of death during the 16 years of follow-up compared with women who never attended religious services.”

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Study Finds Church Attendance Good For Womens Health


That wasn’t the only exciting findings to come out of the study, the research also showed that many of those women were also less depressed, and more likely to maintain successful relationships as well.

There was a downward trend from that point as women who attended services at least once per week were 26 percent lower risk of death and disease, and those that attended less than weekly had 13 percent lower risk of death and disease.

The complete study looked at a baseline total of 74,534 women in 1996 that reported religious service attendance. Questionnaires along with follow-ups were done for the next 16-years wich were used to determine the resulting data.

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