Aurora Countersues The Aurora Shooting Victims For $700K

Cinemark sues victims

Image: The DenverChannel

The company that owns the Aurora cineplex where the Aurora massacre took place in 2012 is was being sued by the victims — more than two dozen survivors of the shooting and parents of those killed in it.

The victims alleged that the security provided by Cinemark was not up to standards. They claim that there was a lack of armed guards on duty and that there were gaps in the security cameras.

However, last month, a jury sided with Cinemark and found that the company was not liable for the massacre that took place.

Cinemark has since then filed a “bill of costs” for $699,187.13 in Arapahoe County District Court. As is the law in Colorado court, the winning side in a civil case is allowed to recover its litigation costs.

Article: The Denver Channel