She Took Her 2-Year-Old To Disneyland, She Never Imagined He Would Fall For Snow White!

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Boy meets snow white

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When mother Amanda Coley, took her son Jackson on a trip to Disneyland, she was hoping that her son would be okay interact well with all those people around them. Jackson is very nonverbal and has a high-functioning form of autism. He is incredibly fearful of strangers and will not interact with anyone that isn’t his family.

“It varies from fearful to shy. With some people, he will cry or other people he will back away from and ignore. Children his age he ignores. He likes to watch them play, but he will not interact with them.”

When they would introduce him to some Disney characters, he would pull away scared. However, that was the case until he met Snow White… In the video description Coley writes:

“This is my 2 year old – Jack Jack. He was having nothing to do with any of the characters on our Disney vacation in November. You see, he has autism and is non-verbal. He is on the shy side with people he does not know. THEN… he met Snow White. I must have cried 1000 tears watching his interaction with her. He was in love.”

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Video: Amanda Coley