To Kids, Autism Is Just Another Long Word

Parents of kids who live with autism or any other disorder always have to pay extra attention to their kids during their outings. Joni Gegare is a special educations teacher for an elementary school. When she saw this family at the local pool, she showed her patience towards the family.

The mother of an autistic child couldn’t thank her enough for being really supportive, something that parents of autistic children rarely get.

Joni’s daughter wanted to play more with the autistic child, not knowing of his condition. We’re pretty sure that even if she knew, that wouldn’t even matter to her!

“My daughter and I were at the pool today, and we met a family with a little boy with autism. The mom apologized for how the boy was acting, stating that he had sensory issues. I said, ‘no problem, it’s perfectly fine.’ I saw that he was doing so well in the pool even though there were so many different things going on around him. I later saw the same family in line for the slide and I said it’s amazing that he’s going down the slide. We got talking and they asked what I did and I told them, ‘I teach elementary special Ed.’ The mom got a huge smile on her face and it looked as if a weight was lifted and she knew I understood. She explained this was their first time taking him to the pool and taking him down the slide. I told her that she was doing an amazing job and to keep it up. She looked at me and said ‘thank you so very much you don’t know how much that means to me. Sometimes people don’t always understand how hard it is for us to do something as a family. Your kind words make me get teary-eyed.’ We hung out a little bit more at the pool and he and my daughter played together a little bit and exchanged high-fives. And as we were leaving my daughter said ‘I need to go say bye to my friend.’To this amazing family, keep up the great work!”

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