Florida Police Deputy Allegedly Burned A Child’s Genitals With A Blow Dryer

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A Hernando County boy, Ethan, was repeatedly burned with a hot blow dryer as a form of punishment just last Friday.

Ethan’s mother, Meghan Sherron, spoke with ABC Action News about the incident. Sherron left Ethan with her long-time, live-in boyfriend Cody Marrone.

Marrone is a 21-year-old detention deputy who would look after Ethan often without any problems.

While Sherron was at work, she got a call from Marrone telling her that baby Ethan was complaining about his genitals. They were swollen and he was in much pain.

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When she finally got the chance to check out what was happening with her son, she found that his genitals were swollen to the size of a softball and that there were burn marks next to her son’s thigh, buttocks and chest.

“When I saw the marks on his behind, I (thought), that looks like my blow dryer,” she said.

Outraged, she turned to Marrone for an explanation and answers. “He told me he woke up and found the baby that way,” she said. But his story seemed to change often to: “The answers I am getting are, ‘I blacked out,’ ‘I snapped,’ ‘I don’t know’ what happened,” she explained.

Sherron has since broken up with Marrone and is no longer living with him. Marrone has been fired from his job with the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office.

Video: ABC Action News