(Mary Huszcza/8.08 Photography)

(Mary Huszcza/8.08 Photography)

She Was Only Expected To Live A Few Weeks But Has Lived For Several Months – New Doctor Operates And Removes Tumor

Parents Erika and Stephen Jones were told 18 weeks into the pregnancy that their baby was going to have down syndrome. However, that was not the only discovery doctors had unveiled. In a different ultrasound, at the 30-week mark, they discovered that a tumor was growing inside of their baby girl’s brain and was replacing her brain tissue.
On August 6, Abigail Noelle Jones was born weighing a little under 8 pounds. The Jones’s took their baby home and spent all the time they could with their baby.

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(Mary Huszcza/8.08 Photography)

But, Abigail kept on living. So far Abigail is still growing and is also gaining weight.

The mother tells ABC News that is is it is impossible to tell that anything is wrong. The baby girl has had her feeding tube removed and is steadily gaining weight.

“She is the chillest baby ever,” she says.
“She just loves to be held. She watches your face, tracks it with her eyes.”

She also told ABC that with every day passing Abigail is giving them more and more hope.

Recently, “Dr. Al Cohen from Boston Children’s Hospital heard about Abigail’s case and gave it a second look, discovering that he could actually save her,” reports Daily Mail. The doctor was successful in removing the tumor that he realized was benign.

We pray that the Jones’s baby girl grows strong and healthy! Let keep them in our prayers.

Article: 9News/Daily Mail