1-Year-Old Baby Saves Her Own Life By Using Sign Language To Alert Her Mother

When mother Sandy Knibbs, first gave her baby daughter, Georgia, a bite of her Almond butter sandwich she didn’t think much of it. That was until her baby, a 1-year-old, still unable to talk, began to alert her that something was wrong. Sandy and her child had been attending “baby sign language classes— and what she began signing to her mother was loud and clear.”

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Baby Learns Sign Language Saves Life Hospital Mother Georgia Rescued Allergy

Image: Twitter/ Daily Mirror

Sandy Told Wales online “[S]he went off to play and eat the sandwich. The next thing she had come back to me signing the hurt sign, which is a shaking of the hand as if you’ve touched something that is hot, I could see her lips had started to blister and she had blisters and hives on her hand where she had been holding the sandwich.”

Sandy gave her daughter an antihistamine and rushed her to the doctor. It was there that she was first diagnosed with an allergy to nuts. Thanks to the training they had both received in their sign classes called “Tiny Talk,” it’s very possible a much worse outcome was avoided.

That wasn’t the only thing baby Georgia learned during her sign language classes either.”At ten months, [Georgia] could already use sign language to ask questions and tell her mother what she needed. She was even able to tell her mom one time, that she was too hot in her crib at night when she was having trouble sleeping.

Baby Sign Class Learn Saved Thanks 1-Year-Old Allergy Help Sign Language

Image: Twitter/ Wales Online

Sandy has seen the value that these classes could have in communication between a mother and baby, and today, she is now a teacher helping other learn to communicate through signing with their babies.

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