20 Taken Hostage Bangladesh Cafe

Image: CNN

The Owner Managed To Escape, Says There Can Be 20 People Inside

BANGLADESH- Armed attackers are holding as many as 20 hostages at a cafe in a diplomatic zone of Bangladesh Friday. One officer has been killed in a gunbattle.

A source at the scene says that attackers threw explosives at police as they exchanged fire with the gunmen.


• Gunmen are holding the hostages at Holey Artisan Bakery, a cafe popular with expats, cafe owner Sumon Reza told CNN.
• Reza said he managed to escape as 6-8 gunmen entered the cafe.
• A police officer in charge of a nearby police station was shot dead, Maruf Hasan of the Dhaka Metropolitan Police said.
• “We are trying to resolve this issue peacefully,” police official Gen. Benzir Ahmed told reporters.
• Assailants were throwing explosives at police, a source at the scene said.
• A police bomb disposal unit was on standby to go in.
• Farzana Azim, who lives nearby, says she heard explosions outside her home. “We heard the first bomb blast at 8:30 in the evening,” Azim said. At first she thought it was the sound of a plane, but a few minutes later another blast echoed through the neighborhood of Gulshan. Within a half hour, the gunshots started, she said.”

Article: CNN