An Abandoned Baby Was Left To Die In Public Toilet, But Was Saved Just In Time!

A newborn baby was found face-down in a toilet in Beijing, China. An officer miraculously rescued the baby girl before emergency services arrived.

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Officer Qian Feng constantly heard cries in a public restroom and went to go investigate. When he found an infant stuck in the toilet, he immediately notified firefighters. However, he did not wait for them as he reached in to pull the baby out.

“I am probably the first one to hold this child,” Qian tells an interview.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time it’s happened. It is tragically common in China that newborn babies are left abandoned by their mothers due to reasons such as birth defects or unmarried pregnancies.

The baby, despite mild infections, is recovering well at a hospital in Beijing. An investigation is currently active in order to find the parents of the infant.

Article: USA Today
Video: ABC 6