Queen Of The Cat Ladies

Sometimes the term “Cat Lady,” can be used in a manner that is derogatory.  Generally seen as an insult, meaning someone who spends most of their time at home- with their abnormal amount of pets. But one older women named Lynea Lattanzio, is the proud mother of over 1,100 cats actually has chosen to embrace the title of “Cat Lady,” changing the way we see them, forever.

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“I’m gonna say that I’m at the top of the list of the eccentric, crazy cat ladies,” Lattanzio says in her interview. She certainly isn’t shy about the name, and that’s because Lattanzio oversees one of California’s largest cage-free, no-kill sanctuary for abandoned cats called The Cat House on the Kings. At one point she claims to have had over 28,000 cats under her care, so the 1,100 she is caring for at the moment is just a drop in the bucket in comparison.

Crazy Cat Lady Lives 1100 Cats Home House Sanctuary

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At night they come inside the house, curling up on beds, benches, and various carpeted areas of the floor. At feeding time, they all gather around, or rather, upon the tables and counter-tops. Lattanzio even had herself trained as a veterinary technician, and employs a staff of volunteers to assist with cleaning and other duties.

Crazy Cat Lady 1100 Sanctuary Home House

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Rather than hoarding her clowder of cats, however, the goal of the sanctuary has always been to find good homes for these care-given stray and abandoned animals. She even has a web page to view the cats that come in and are available for adoption on her website for anyone that would like to potentially adopt.

Crazy Cat Lady Cares 1100 Cats Home House Sanctuary Abandoned

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Article: Yahoo News
Video: Barcroft TV