Mother Finds A Hateful Letter On Her Windshield

As Nikki Waller was walking back to her car after visiting a Walmart in Belle Vernon, she found a hateful surprise waiting for her on her windshield.

The letter was very explicit, needless to say. And also, we know that the writer had jumped to a conclusion about Nikki and her family very quickly.

The note accused the family of parking in the handicapped spot so that it could be more convenient for them.

However, like many other people out there, little 7-year-old Alex had an invisible impairment. This means that Alex has an ailment that you can’t see without the help of tests and interaction.

Alex wears ankle braces under his jeans because without them, he could very easily injure himself due to his juvenile arthritis.

“So I went to Belle Vernon Walmart last night to get the boys a quick haircut. I came out to find this on my car. Those of you who know me know that it really angers me when people without handicap signs park in those spaces. So seeing that I was parked legally this was a little funny to me. But then I became sad. I am not sad for myself or for my son. I am sad for you…the author of this nice note. There are two words to describe you. The first is ignorance. I am saddened by the fact that you obviously saw my children and I pull into one of four empty handicap spaces, saw our ages, and made judgements. Unfortunately, it is the youngest member of our group who requires this space,” wrote Waller in part.


Video: WTAE