Bindi Feels Her Father’s Presence While She Dances

bindi1It has been nearly a whole decade since Bindi Irwin’s last moments with her father Steve Irwin – the famed crocodile hunter. There goes without say, however, that she still feels his presence with her.

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In one of her recent performances on “Dancing With The Stars”, she felt his presence on stage with her.bindi2

After a beautiful performance with Derek Hough to a seemingly fitting song — “Footprints in the Sand” — she and saw that beautiful was displayed of her gaurdian angel.

bindi dance

Image: Hulu Screenshot

The 17-year-old was moved to tears at the sight of her late-father.

“I never really talked about everything that I felt when my dad passed away, and I never thought I’d revisit that” – Bindi says in a DWTS behind-the-scenes video.

She explains that sometimes she feels as if there’s three people in the room when she is at her rehearsals.

She has thanked Derek Hough for her opening up about grieving not only her father, but her best friend.

“To have Derek there to say, ‘It’s okay, I’m there for you,’ was something that I was so grateful for.”

Image: Hulu Screenshot

Image: Hulu Screenshot