Local Pothole Celebrates

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Man Gives Pothole Birthday Card

Image: KXAN

Eddie Prosser, a Jackson Mississippi resident, was tired of seeing a pothole that had overstayed its welcome for over a year. He wanted it out! So he cleverly came up with an idea of how to get the city’s attention and threw a birthday party for the pothole.

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In beautiful handwriting, the birthday card read, “Happy birthday, Pothole!”

“I do find our problems in the city of Jackson serious, but at the same time, it’s just one small pothole,” he said. “When they fix the potholes just a block away, it wouldn’t have taken another 10 minutes [to fix this one].”

After news of the party reached local media, the city finally decided to do something about it, and went ahead and filled in the pothole, R.I.P pothole!

Video: KXAN