He Was Born From A “Transaction Gone Wrong” – Bishop Ron Archer

Bishop Ron Archer’s mother would sell her body at the of age fourteen for money and became pregnant at age sixteen. She tried to kill him with alcohol, drugs, hangers, and hard punches to her womb. This is just the beginning of his life.

At age ten Ron Archer had gone through so much that a child should never have to face. He shares the unfortunate information of him wanting to commit suicide as a child, with his mother’s gun. However, he met a teacher who changed his life, she had introduced him to The Bible. She told him “Ronaldo God uses greatly those who have been hurt.” She told him about Moses who also had a stutter. Ron began to understand that even, “trick babies”, are loved by God. His testimony is the most powerful speeches I’ve ever heard.

Please listen carefully and never forget that God loves you and can heal all of His children in time!


Source:T Marsh-Connors